Modern nations can no longer be defined by one national history or one nationality. They are collaged together by thousands of individual stories and combinations of origin, as a result of increasing globalisation. Therefore, there is a need for flexible narratives and novel questions to ask in order to describe modern identities.  

The Multi-Locals is a campaign created upon the question: 'Where are you a local?' The campaign is designed to celebrate multi-locality by translating answers to this question into material and shapes.

Images of former homes or places in the local streets, snapshots from the native nature or personal objects recalling memories; these are all examples of visual references which people use to describe the feeling of being a local. 

The local view of a mountain in Reykjavík is translated into a big crinkled shape sculpted around a body and mixed with the colours of the river in Kolding. The fresh red leaves of a flower in Coltauco is blown up as a large soft print.

Each story is materialised and shaped into wearable props featured in a series of portraits – covering human in its own story and exposing the beautiful contrast between the different combinations of local affiliations.

The stories of The Multi-locals are given back to the local environment as a series of street posters and an online archive in order to accumulate curiosity towards the unknown and to create a dialog of compassion in the local communities.


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